AMUC General Meetings

General meetings are mainly used to conduct AMUC business and demonstrate cool Amiga products. However, they are a great place to meet and greet with fellow Amiga users, find out about products and socialize.

The general meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month at Mount Royal College. Meetings generally follow this format: (location is subject to change, watch the web site for notices)

19:00 - 19:15 Welcome and introduction to AMUC. General discussion and visiting.
19:15 - 20:00 Amiga News & general discussion of events in the Amiga world.
20:00 - 20:15 Question & Answer discussion. Any computer/techno-gadget related questions are welcome (not specifically Amiga). -- OR -- Product demonstration of some cool Amiga project or product.
20:15 - 20:30 Break for 15 minutes. Mingle with fellow Amigans, trade software and hardware, get more specific help.
20:30 - 20:40 AMUC specific annoucements, voting and other AMUC business. -- AND -- Door prize draws to reward and amuse those who attended the meeting.
20:40 - 21:30 Open discussion, second question & answer, videos, raffle draws and more demos of Amiga products.
21:45 PIG SIG. Join fellow Amigans at a local restaurant and discuss anything you want over food/drink of your choice.

AMUC Exec Meetings

Executive meetings (exec meetings) are used to conduct AMUC business, discuss membership feedback, pool ideas for future events, etc. Any member of AMUC is welcome to attend an Exec meeting.

Exec meetings are on the Sunday two weeks before the general meeting. The location of the exec meetings rotates amoung the executive members. The next meeting's date and location is posted on the web site or contact any exec member.

19:30 - 19:45 Meeting come to order. Discuss old business and actions.
19:45 - 20:15 Round table with reports from each exec member and some discussion.
20:15 - 20:45 Discussion on AMUC business and formulation of the general meeting agenda.
20:45 - 21:00 Assign actions to members and adjurn meeting.


Between main meetings AMUC provides many small meetings called Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These are held to address the needs and common interests of small groups of club members. A SIG will typically focus on one particular Amiga topic, for example: animation or music. People who do much work in one of the areas covered by AMUC's SIGs may benefit from attending the appropriate SIG as well as the main meeting. For time and meeting places of the specialty SIGs please contact any member of the Exec.

The Bylaws of the Amiga Users of Calgary (AMUC)

  • Purpose of the Amiga Users of Calgary Society:
    • To promote the free exchange of information pertaining to the Amiga computer, and any peripherals or software for it.
  • Objectives of the Amiga Users of Calgary Society:
    • To act as a forum for the exchange of information between all persons interested in the Amiga Computer.
    • To collect and make available to all members of the group any information that is available on the Amiga computer in the public domain.
    • To make available a newsletter to all members.
    • To act as a unified voice for the membership at large to communicate with Amiga's makers, the Amiga computer dealers and manufacturers of products for the Amiga.
    • To provide an electronic Bulletin Board Service (BBS) for limited use by the public, with additional services for members.
    • To organize and carry out bulk purchases of hardware or software for the members.
    • To provide such additional services as are determined to be useful to the Amiga Community.

The Amiga Users of Calgary Society will be referred to as "AMUC" within this document.

  • 1.00 Membership
    • 1.01
      1. Membership in The Amiga Users of Calgary is open to any person.
      2. The cost of a membership shall be determined by Resolution of the Membership.
      3. Such membership is issued solely to the person whose name appears on the membership form and card.
      4. Membership lasts for 12 month (1 year) from the month of issue.
    • 1.02
      1. Companies wishing to become Corporate Members of AMUC may do so by paying a fee as set by the Executive Committee.
      2. Corporate members of AMUC receive:
        1. the full membership privileges of a individual member.
        2. such other services as are determined by Resolution of the Membership.
    • 1.03 Members wishing to withdraw from AMUC my do so only at expiry of their payed membership, by not renewing their membership.
  • 2.00 The Executive Committee
    • 2.01 The term "Exec" shall refer to the Executive Committee.
    • 2.02
      1. All members of the Exec must hold a current membership in AMUC.
      2. Members of the Exec receive no financial compensation for their services for the Society. All effort is volunteered.
      3. It is expected that all members of the Exec attend all meetings of the Exec, unless they have contacted the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Secretary.
      4. A member of the EXEC who is not carrying out his assigned duties may be asked to resign by the Exec.
        1. For the suspension of a member from the Exec, a vote is required, quorum for the vote is a 2/3 of the last Exec meeting. Motion requires a 2/3's majority to pass. If the Exec member is suspended, then a motion to remove will then be taken to the next General Meeting. If the motion to remove does not pass, the Exec member is no longer suspended.
        2. A member may make a motion to remove a member from the Exec at any General meeting, this would require a 2/3 majority vote in favor to succeed, a by-election would be held at the next General meeting that a candidate to fill the position has been found by that time. Otherwise, a by-election shall be held as soon as possible after a candidate has been found.
      5. Matters of importance such that they can not be delayed until the next meeting of the Executive, may be discussed and voted upon by the Executive in the Exec section of the BBS or by telephone. A list of people talked to and votes made must be kept and submitted to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes of the next meeting. A vote to ratify the decision taken shall be made at the next Exec Meeting. If the vote to ratify does not pass, then the matter shall be treated as if the original vote had not occurred.
    • 2.03 The Exec shall consist of the following positions:
      1. Chair
      2. Vice Chair
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Other positions shall be created as required by a Resolution of the Membership at a General meeting.
    • 2.04 Chair:
      1. To organize and run the general meetings and lead the executive meetings.
      2. Usually considered the spokesman for the Society.
      3. The Chairman is to ensure all work that has been agreed to gets done.
      4. Has cheque co-signing authority.
    • 2.05 Vice Chairman:
      1. Administrator of AMUC activities, including General Meeting, Membership Drives, Special Projects & Events and AMUC Promotions.
      2. Has cheque co-signing authority.
    • 2.06 Secretary:
      1. The Secretary attends all meetings of the executive and the general meeting.
      2. Records all votes and motions.
      3. Gives notice of all meetings of the executive.
      4. Provides the Editor of the Newsletter with written summaries of the meetings of the executive and the general meetings.
      5. Responds to requests to make changes to the by-laws and provides reference service for Exec and members for information from the minutes of meetings.
      6. Maintains accurate and up-to-date records of Exec and general meetings.
      7. The Secretary also keeps any and all paperwork pertaining to the operation of AMUC except financial documents, the annual audited report will, however, be submitted to the Secretary.
      8. All documents in the custody of the Secretary are available for viewing by any member of AMUC at a mutually agreeable time.
    • 2.07 Treasurer:
      1. Responsible for preparation and custody of all financial matters.
      2. Administers all financial dealings of AMUC, including book keeping, cheque writing and collecting and dispersing AMUC funds.
      3. Has cheque co-signing authority.
    • 3.00 Auditing
      An audit of all financial records shall be done prior to the annual general meeting and this audited financial report will be presented at the annual general meeting. This audit will be performed by a duly qualified accountant or two members selected for this purpose. A Fiscal year shall run from February 1 to January 31.
  • 4.00 Meetings
    • 4.01
      1. AMUC shall hold it's Annual General Meeting on the third Wednesday in February of each year. At this meeting elections will be held to elect a new Executive Committee. All positions are open for re-election at this time. The term of office for a member of the Executive Committee is until the end of the next annual general meeting, the following February. Any position being vacant at that time shall be filled at the next General Meeting after a candidate has been found.
      2. Notice for AMUC's Annual General Meeting shall be posted in the Society's Newsletter(s) the month preceding the meeting. This would give members minimum 14 days notice (allowing for mailing). Notice would also be posted on the Society's electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) in a publicly available area.
    • 4.02
      1. Annual election of Executive Committee members shall be done by secret ballot.
      2. Only current Members of AMUC may run in the Elections and only current Members of AMUC may vote.
      3. No person shall be elected by acclamation, but must receive a majority of approving votes, ballots for uncontested positions must have a YES and NO choice. An approving vote would be a majority of Yes votes.
      4. By-elections of Exec positions shall be done by show of hands.
    • 4.03
      1. General meetings of AMUC shall be held each month and are open to the public.
      2. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once between each General Meeting. The policy for the location and time of the Exec Meetings shall be determined by the Exec.
      3. Exec meetings are open to all members.
    • 4.04
      Quorum for the General meeting shall be 60% of the number of people who signed the quorum list at the previous respective meeting. All fractions are dropped. This list is used regardless of whether quorum was attained at that meeting. Meetings of the Executive shall follow the same 60% guideline based on the Secretary's attendance list. No vote shall shall be held valid without Quorum.
    • 4.05
      Special general meetings of AMUC are those held at times other than the normal meeting time. Before a vote on a motion to hold a special general meeting is held, a suitable meeting place must have been secured and quorum must be met. For the motion to hold a special general meeting, 80% of the members present must vote in favor of holding the special general meeting, at a monthly meeting. Quorum at a special general meeting is said to be 80% of the number of members who signed the quorum list at the general meeting where the motion to hold a special general meeting was held. To be held no sooner than fourteen (14) days after the vote to hold the Special General Meeting, the Exec will do a phone out to members, giving at least seven (7) days notice of the Special general meeting, using the current Membership list.
  • 5.00 Voting
    Only current members of AMUC may vote on any issue and each membership is given only one vote. Voting must be done in person and not by proxy or any other means. With the exception of General Meeting Executive Elections, all voting will be done by a show of hands.
  • 6.00 Borrowing Powers
    The EXEC is not allowed to borrow money, without a 60% majority vote in favor at a General Meeting.
  • 7.00 Altering, Rescinding, and Adding By-laws
    1. The By-laws may only be rescinded, altered or added to by "Special Resolution" (as defined in the Society's Act). Any such resolution must appear on the newsletter for one month before a vote is taken.
    2. For the proposed resolution to become part of the By-laws a two-thirds majority favor vote in favor of the resolution must be obtained from the members present at a meeting that has Quorum.
    3. The resolution must then be submitted to the Corparate Registrar, being both dated and verified as correct by the Society's Secretary. The changes to the By-laws do not take effect until registered with the Registry.
  • 8.00 Expenditures
    At least once a year, at a General Meeting the Members shall pass a Budget Resolution by simple majority. The Budget Resolution authorizes the amount and manner of expenditures for specific items and categories. No expenditure may be made in contravention of the Budget Resolution. The Budget Resolution may be amended by a Resolution at a General Meeting.
  • 9.00 Dissolution
    In the event of the dissolution of the Amiga Users of Calgary Society, all assets will be auctioned off, all proceeds to be donated to an appropriate educational or charitable institution.